The Linguistics Summer School in Bolivia was founded in 2016. The main goal is to offer linguistic training to speakers of indigenous languages and applied linguistics students. The annual linguistics courses are taught by foreign linguists doing research in Bolivia or South America.

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Professor Andrés Salanova with speakers of Quechua, Bésiro, Guarayu, Guaraní, Yurakaré, Weenhayek, Zamuco and Tapiete.


Gladys Camacho Rios


I am an L1 speaker of the South Bolivian variety of Quechua. I am a community-based language researcher and a PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin. My fieldwork involves documenting monolingual Quechua as it is spoken by elderly people in rural towns in Bolivia. My research interests in linguistics include Quechua phonology, the grammar and semantics of the verbal morphology, and morphosyntax. Beyond that, I am a passionate Quechua linguist who has created a new documentation and revitalization model to enhance the scientific and humanistic understanding of the linguistic diversity of Quechua. This successful model has shown promising results to date, and it aims to foster a pioneering new group of native speakers documenting and describing monolingual varieties of indigenous languages. 



Gabriel A. Gallinate


I am a Bolivian Linguist and a PhD student in the Department of Lingusitics at the University of Texas at Austin. My research interests involve: phonetics, phonology, morphology and language documentation, particularly working with Maropa, a Takanan language, and Yuqui, a Tupí-Guaraní language.



Oscar Rojas Villarroel


My name is Oscar. I am an L1 speaker of South Bolivian Quechua, born and raised in Kewiña Pampa Quechua Community, Carrasco Province. I am a Quechua writer and a Bolivian linguist. I write stories that are orally narrated by elderly people in my community. My linguistic work involves language documentation and description, focusing on monolingual Quechua as it is spoken by elders.

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