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Annual Courses

Since 2016, our annual courses are hosted by a different Bolivian institution each year. The purpose is to reach a broader audience and encourage speakers of indigenous languages to document their own language. Our final goal is to increase Bolivian linguists doing research on the different indigenous languages of our country.


Professor Andrés Salanova, teaching Linguistic Typology, Santa Cruz, Bolivia 2018.

Annual Courses History

2020  -  Universidad Pública de El Alto (UPEA), (La Paz, Bolivia) CANCELLED

Sociophonetics (Dr. Gillian Gallagher)

Ethnography (Dr. Ana Babel)

Variation and Sociolinguistic Change (Dr. Martin Kohlberger)

2019  -  Universidad Pública de El Alto (UPEA), (La Paz, Bolivia)

Field Methods [Moré] (Dr. Joshua Birchall)

Field Methods [Chácobo] (Dr. Andrés Salanova)

Orthographies for Indigenous Languages (Dr. Kelsey Neely)


2018  -  Instituto Plurinacional de Estudio de Lenguas y Culturas (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Linguistics Typology (Dr. Andres Salanova)

Introduction to Linguistics (M.A. Gladys Camacho Rios)

ELAN (Dr. Adam Tallman)

2017  -  Universidad Mayor de San Simón (Cochabamba, Bolivia)

Field Methods [Aimara] Language consultant Virgina Mamani (Instructors Dr. Adam Tallman & M.A. Gladys Camacho)

Syntax (M.A. Julia Nee)

Phonetics and phonology (Dr. Gillian Gallagher)

ELAN (Dr. Swintha Danielsen)


2016  -  Universidad Mayor de San Simón (Cochabamba, Bolivia)

Sociolinguistics (Dr. Teofilo Laime)

The structure of Chacobo (Dr. Adam Tallan)

Sociophonetics (Dr. Alexis pierrard)


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