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Excellence in Linguistics Research Award

Award description

This LSSB award is awarded to two linguists, one Bolivian and one foreign, every two years. The awardees should be linguists who have highly contributed to the linguistics research of Bolivia. The LSSB is a non-profit institution that encourages both linguistic training and linguistic research on the indigenous languages of Bolivia. All the linguistic research conducted on Bolivian languages is a highly valuable contribution to the history of Bolivian linguistics. In this sense, the LSSB is honored to award two linguists with major contributions. The award recipients will receive a certificate describing their linguistic contribution to Bolivia and a medal. This year’s winners will be the two linguists with major contribution to sociolinguistic and variation analysis

Protocol for nomination

(i)      Fill out the application.

(ii)     Submit a nomination letter in a PDF document describing the nominee’s research and     professional activities and in what ways they contributed to the study of Bolivian languages.

(iii)    Provide an updated CV of the nominee in PDF format which should be submitted online in the application form .


*Note: 2020 nominations should be submitted by February 29th 2020.


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